The harbour of Marken

Marken has one of the oldest fishing harbours in Holland. In the old days there were about 200 Marken fishing boats.

Lighthouse of Marken

The Marken Lighthouse is situated a good walk away from the village. The present tower was built in 1839 and was declared a national monument in 1970.

Kerkbuurt at Marken

The ‘Kerkbuurt’ (church quarter) in Marken is the center and oldest part of Marken. You will find little old houses and beautiful bridges and views.

The flood memorial

In the night of January 13, 1916, the island Marken was hit by a flood. Several people died. This memorial is for those who lost their lives.


The Bukdike is ‘heaven’ for nature lovers. Nature can take its course here without any input from humans. Birds find their breeding ground here, and their is a huge variety of plants growing.

War memorial

This memorial commemorates the inhabitants of Marken to the victims who fell in the Second World War.