How to get to Marken?

By bus

Bus 315 (R-NET) runs from Amsterdam Central Station to Marken and back, and passes through Broek in Waterland and Monnickendam, approx. 35 minutes. You can buy a so called ‘Waterland dayticket’ which you can use all day and only costs € 10,00 pp.

By car

If you’re coming from Amsterdam, take the A10 trunk road and then follow the N247 to Monnickendam and from there the N518 to Marken. You cannot park your car inside the village. The supervised car park at the entrance to the village costs 4 EUR per day plus 0.55 EUR extra per additional passenger.

By bike

A great way to get to Marken is by bike. There are many cycle routes that will take you there.
From Amsterdam Central Station it is only 21 KM.

By boat

From Volendam you can take the boat, the ‘Volendam-Marken Express’ will bring you in 30 minutes to Marken. The boat leaves once every 30 to 45 minutes.
One-way ticket 7.95 EUR, return ticket 9.95 EUR.
You can also take your own boat to Marken. The village has a small marina providing water, electricity and toilets, with a capacity of 33 boats.

Where to park at Marken?

If you have arrived at Marken by car, you automaticcaly end up in a big parking lot.

Marken is car-free to non-residents therefore you have to park in the main car park.

parkeertarieven Marken

How long should I stay at Marken?

If you want to escape from the busy city or from the touristic places, ‘Marken is the place to be’.
Of course you can stay as long as you like but it depends on what you are looking for.
Marken is a great place for hiking or biking and from Marken (when you sleep at Marken) you can get to Amsterdam or other great cities within 30 minutes.
We recommend you to stay at least 2,5 hours at this cosy Island, have a coffee, lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants at the harbour, visit the Wooden Shoe Factory, have your photo taken in traditional costume, visit the Marken Museum…. probably 2.5 hours is too short!

About Marken

Is Marken still an Island?

When a dike between Marken and the mainland was built in 1957, Marken ceased to be an island. Nevertheless, the village still has the look and feel of a fishermen’s town and an island. For over a century, it has drawn in visitors who wanted to have a glance at its traditional costumes and picturesque houses.

Do we see people in costume?

The Marken costume has found its origin in the fact that, ages ago, places like Marken, were not that often in contact with people from big cities. Therefore, the people from Marken did not know about the latest fashion updates. Because of this the Marken costume remained as the ‘fashion standard’ in Marken for quite a long time.
Since the costume is worn less and less, over 80% of the times you see a person in Marken costume, it is tourism related. However, it is certainly not extinct, there are still older people who are wearing the original traditional costume.

How many people do live at Marken?

Marken has 1,830 inhabitants with a population density of 686 inhabitants per square kilometer. The 1,830 inhabitants comprise out of 915 men and 910 women. The age 45-64 years is most represented with 34%. 49% of the people are married. In addition, 5% percent of the population is divorced and 5% is widowed.