Lighthouse of Marken

The lighthouse ‘Paard van Marken’ (English: Horse of Marken) was built in 1839 by J. Valk. A primitive tower had been on the location since the early 18th century; the current lighthouse is declared a national monument in 1970.

The tower 16 meters tall and has a light range of 16,7 Km. Every night it’s light shines over the IJsselmeer. Those days it’s functionality is no longer for the large shipping to Amsterdam but for the inland shipping and for personal boats.

The lighthouse during winter time

Regularly, the water surrounding this place suffers from drifting ice. In 1971 it was so bad that the tower was pushed several inches of place. Currently, it is inhabited and can not be visited.

The ‘Paard van Marken’ is situated a good walk away from the village.

Live stream from the Lighthous of Marken over the IJsselmeer

To find a live stream over the IJsselmeer from the lighthouse, you can visit